If you have been driving for a while and noticed that your brake pedal is getting stiffer, it may be time to get your brakes checked. Brakes are one of the most important parts of a car because they help stop the vehicle when necessary. If you feel like you need to press down harder than usual on the brake pedal in order to make the car stop, this can cause problems with other parts of your braking system. The following are some signs that your brakes may need repair:

If when you apply the brakes your car shakes, then this is an indication that the rotor may be warped. One of the most significant indicators that your brake needs to be repaired is a grinding noise when you press down on it. This might indicate that you have grinded down your rotor and you need new rotors installed. When replacing rotors it is also a good idea to replace the brake pads at the same time.

If your brakes squeak when you use them, there may be a problem with the lining of your brake drum.


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